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Typically, you will take a personality test, such as the DISC personality test, as part of the recruitment process. There is a vast array of personality tests, which pose questions about a candidate’s behaviour and personal preferences.

The DISC personality types test has been popular for many decades – particularly for sales roles and those involving a lot of interpersonal interaction. A typical question may ask whether you prefer meeting people or working independently as part of your job.

How to Recognise everyday personality types

Now you have the information needed to identify the person’s style by combining the Active / Reserved and Task Oriented / People Oriented.

DISC Personality’s D Styles Observations  

  • Will be extroverted and task orientated
  • Talks about: Goals, hard values (money, revenue, profits) results.
  • Is decisiveIs assertiveVery impatient
  • May interrupt youIs direct, says what thinks”What’s the bottom line?”
  • Focuses on the big pictureStates own opinions as facts”
  • How does this benefit ME?”
  • Often appears to be in a hurry
  • Makes decisions quickly, almost hastily
  • May talk to many people at the same time
  • Have difficulty understanding others’
  • viewpoints/feelings

DISC personality

DISC Personality’s S Styles Observations  

Will be introverted and people orientated
Talks about: Agreements, principles, past proofs, one’s team
Is easy going
Appears calm
Listens carefully
Appears thoughtful
Nods and goes along
“Let me think about it.”
Likes own physical space
Does not get easily excited
Ponders alternatives, slow in making decisions
Asks questions and inquiries about the specifics
Seems to have strong opinions but does not expressthem vocally

DISC Personality’s I Style Observations             

  • Will be extroverted and people orientated
  • Talks about: People, team spirit, good things, future, oneself
  • Talks a lot
  • Is animated
  • Open and friendly
  • Appears unorganised
  • Does not listen for long
  • Stays away from hard facts
  • Does not pay close attention
  • Jumps from subject to subject
  • Does not focus much on details

DISC Personality’s C Style Observations  

  • Will be introverted and task orientated
  • Talks about: Facts, analyses, details, rules, instructions
  • Is quiet
  • Focuses on details
  • Proceeds cautiously
  • Asks many questions
  • Appears reserved and somewhat timid
  • Doesn’t easily express disagreeing views
  • May have done homework on your products/services
  • Studies specifications and other information carefully
  • Makes decision only after studying pertinent facts/issues
  • May be very critical; criticism based on facts not opinions

DISC personality

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