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THE TOP 2024 grammar schools

Step-by-step guide to using THE LATEST grammar school league tables.

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London grammar schools by Borough  

There are 19 grammar schools in London and Greater London, located in the following boroughs. Barnet: 3 selective schools (1 boys, 2 girls’ schools.) Bexley: 4 selective schools (1 boys, 1 girls, 2 mixed schools.) Bromley: 2 selective schools (1 boys. 1 girls’ school.) Enfield: 1 selective school (mixed.) Kingston upon Thames: 2 selective schools (1 boys, 1 girls’ school.) Redbridge: 2 selective schools (1 boys, 1 girls’ school.) Sutton: 5 selective schools (3 boys, 2 girls’ schools.)

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  • You may also find useful our guide called Where is my local grammar school?
  • FREE 11 plus verbal reasoning past papers
  • GL Assessment’s 11+ spatial reasoning explained

    Spatial Reasoning is one of the topics that could be assessed in GL Assessment 11+ Grammar School Exams.

    It focuses on assessing your child’s ability to interpret patterns within shape and space, often with a three-dimensional component.

    Questions are presented in a multiple-choice format where students are required to choose the single correct answer from a variety of options provided.

    Often Spatial Reasoning is often not explicitly mentioned as a separate topic in the syllabus. Instead, it is included as a subset of Non-Verbal Reasoning.

    Furthermore, GL themselves do not provide any official preparation material for Spatial Reasoning.This has lead to unwelcome surprises in the past where students faced question types in the 11+ Exam that they had never seen before.

    Why Choose a Grammar School?

    Equality and Opportunity

    Grammar schools offer a level playing field for students within the class. Admission is contingent on clearing an entrance test, ensuring that the most capable students get the chance to study there. Pupils selected from grammar schools tend to be more proactive and successful. These schools provide a valuable and knowledgeable education source accessible to parents and students from lower-income backgrounds, promoting inclusivity and fostering outstanding academic outcomes.

    Diverse Student Success

    Grammar schools cultivate high-achieving individuals who often excel in various fields, including politics and entertainment. This environment offers opportunities to any eager and capable learner, providing access to high-quality education systems. Many observe a professional and respectful culture in grammar schools that promotes a sense of safety and encourages students to engage in continuous learning.

    Intensive Knowledge and Skill Building

    Admission to grammar schools demands intensive knowledge and ability. This can create pressure for students. Although it enables grammar school students to develop a strong academic foundation.

    Preparing for the 11 plus entrance exam from an early age equips students with extensive skills and knowledge.

    Comparing Grammar Schools and Independent/Private Schools

    Here’s our YouTube video Grammar schools vs Private schools.

    Access to Education

    Grammar schools offer free public education, while independent/private schools have their fee structures. Grammar schools typically have a uniform 11 plus entrance exam, while private schools set varied entrance tests and criteria for admission. Independent/private schools generally offer more advanced infrastructure and technologies, smaller class sizes, and individualized attention.

    Academic Focus

    Grammar schools are highly selective and prioritize students’ academic achievements. Independent/private schools often provide a more intimate learning environment with focused attention on each student.

    Historical Roots and Modern Context

    The history of grammar schools dates back to the 12th to 14th centuries when they primarily taught Latin.

    The curriculum expanded over time to include subjects like English, mathematics, natural sciences, liberal arts, and European languages. Originally for primary education, grammar schools evolved into secondary education institutions.

    Advantages and Disadvantages

    While grammar schools have numerous advantages, it’s essential to consider potential drawbacks. Some criticize the funding of grammar schools, suggesting that wealthier families have an advantage due to private tutoring.

    Grammar school critics argue that the 11 plus exam is unfair and stressful for young students. Suggestions for improvement include providing free teaching to economically disadvantaged students and delaying the selection process.

    Holistic Assessment

    Assessing students solely on English proficiency and mathematics skills might not capture their full potential. A more comprehensive evaluation that accounts for various abilities and interests could be more equitable and beneficial.

    Delayed Selection Process

    Postponing the entrance exam to later ages, like 12 or 13, would provide students more time to develop their interests, strengths, and understanding. This approach could yield better outcomes and help students thrive.

    Towards a Better Educational System

    Implementing measures like free tuition programs, holistic assessments, and delayed selection can promote uniformity and equality among students in grammar schools. Grouping students based on ability can accelerate their development and progress. With thoughtful improvements, grammar schools can provide an attractive and promising path toward an enhanced education system.

    Here’s our YouTube video on Grammar school entry.