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TOP private school past papers 11 plus to 16 plus

Private schools will publish on their website their 11 plus admissions policy. Also, an explanation of their admissions criteria. For example, here is the Highgate School 11 plus Maths criteria, 11 plus English test policy and 11 plus non-verbal reasoning test admissions criteria.

London 11 plus past papers

Here is a comprehensive list of London private school 11 plus test sample papers.

What is the 11 plus exam?

The 11 plus private school entrance exam consists of several 11 plus sub-tests:

  • 11 plus Maths private school exam
  • English 11 plus private school test
  • 11 plus Verbal reasoning private school exam
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning 11 plus private school test.

Most private schools generally create and mark their own 11 plus entry exams.

What level is the Common Entrance 11 plus?

  • In summary, the 11 plus Common Entrance exam consists of 11 plus English, 11 plus Maths and 11 plus Science exams.
  • These three 11 plus common Entrance exams are taken over two days.
  • Each of these 11 plus Common Entrance exams is set at a high Key Stage 2 SATs level. There are extension 11 plus questions for the more able 11 plus pupils.

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