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Our private school pretests guide

A good first step is to search for those private London schools whose entrance requires passing the ISEB Common Pretest.

These practice tests are the most accurate you will find anywhere:

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Rob has worked for all three of the main school entrance test publishers: GL Assessment; ISEB independent school entry papers and CEM Select private school entrance papers.  

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Recommended private School entrance test practice

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So, what is the ISEB Common Pre-Test?




The ISEB Common Pre-Test is both highly respected and increasingly used for private and independent school entrance

What’s the Late transfer test (13+ exam)?

This is for pupils in Years 7 and 8 who may have failed their 11+ (for grammar school entry).

The 13+ tests:

  • Have a strong academic focus on the core subjects.
  • Are used by many of the top grammar schools in the UK.
  • Assesses grammar school suitability (in Year 8 / Year 9). Of course, those schools accepting 13+ exam entries, only do so when there are spaces available in Year 8/9.

Who takes the 13 Plus Exam?

The Late transfer 12 Plus/13 Plus allows pupils up to 18 months to prepare. There’s a strong academic focus on the core subjects.

How best to study for the 13 Plus Exam

  1. Start 13+ exam revision early.
  2. Identify any knowledge gaps and focus your child’s revision on improving each of these areas.
  3. Discuss and gain agreement for your child’s 12+ revision timetable. Of course, this needs to fit in around their existing education 9-4pm commitments. Plus their other outside activities and hobbies.
  4. Studying little but often, given 12-year old’s 30 mins attention spans.
  5. Use a variety of different studying methods, such as combining flashcards, listening exercises and presentations to provide variety.

Our video explaining what independent schools look for

More recommended private school past entry papers

ISEB Independent School Entry Exam 13+

The ISEB – the Independent Schools Examinations Board’s – exams are for pupils transferring from junior to independent senior schools.

We recommend that you can download both of the ISEB’s pre-tests introductory guides:

ISEB 11+ Pre Tests Parents Guide and ISEB Maths Revision Guide.

Which are the most effective private school entry test strategies?

The most effective strategies for passing your private school entry test will certainly vary on each individual student’s own preferences, strengths and weaknesses. Still, here’s our general tips:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the different test section formats. In particular, the different types of your private school entry test question most commonly found in each test section,
  2. Practice regularly with sample test questions. Or our recommended private school entry test papers at the correct age. This regular practice will improve your speed and also your exam accuracy.
  3. Focus on developing the key entry exam reasoning, reading and understanding skills, such as English comprehension, problem-solving, and critical thinking.
  4. Identify and then focus your practice sessions on each entry exam question areas of weakness. Such private school entry test strategies will quickly improve your overall performance on the CAT4 assessment.
  5. Time management is crucial in any assessment. You need to learn how to allocate your test administration time time as wisely as possible. An excellent first step is to avoid spending too much time on any one entry test question.
  6. Read each private school entry test question very carefully. Always make sure you understand what is being asked before answering each test item.
  7. Keep a cool and calm approach during your entry exam. Good luck!

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