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Oxbridge Admissions Tests practice

This includes our Thinking Skills Assessment practice tests.

The Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA) is primarily used by both Cambridge and Oxford University to select graduate or scholarship candidate. 

University of Oxford admission tests

If someone is interested in applying for the University of Oxford, then there is a massive chance that they will need to sit for an admission test as almost all the education courses there have admission tests as the entrance criteria. One will need to register separately for sitting on an exam and the deadline for the registration are to be kept in mind.

The admission test is different from one university to another. For example, the admission test syllabus and rules in Cambridge will be different from the ones at Oxford. One will have to register for the UCAS application process, where the deadlines will be different. As per the UK time, the deadline for the UCAS application is by 15th October, 18:00. Furthermore, one will need to complete a supplementary application questionnaire. The applications that are outside the EU will require a process that needs to be completed by the Cambridge Online Preliminary Application. Several application tests are ongoing in Cambridge at the moment and they are;

  • Cambridge Admission Assessment
  • Biomedical Admission Test is also known as BMAT
  • Sixth Term Examination Paper also known as STEP
  • Thinking Skills Assessment Cambridge also termed TSA Cambridge
  • Cambridge Law Test which is to be taken by law students
  • Finally, there are other courses that are specific to the subject students are studying.

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How should I take Thinking Skills practice tests?

The following Oxford University courses will require you to take both the Thinking Skills Assessment and an additional 30-minute Writing Test:

      • And then next, the PPE course at Oxford University.

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        What does the TSA assess?

        The Thinking Skills Assessment evaluates candidate’s ability to organise ideas in a clear and concise manner and communicate them effectively in writing. Questions are not subject-specific and candidates must answer one question from a choice of four.

          • Thinking Skills Assessment Cambridge (TSA Cambridge)
          • TSA Oxford (TSA Oxford)
          • Thinking Skills Assessment University College London (TSA UCL)

        The Thinking Skills Assessment practice consists of the two elements of the Thinking Skills Assessment.

        Why is the Thinking Skills Assessment fundamental to your educational success?

        The TSA is a

            • Pre-interview assessment for Oxford and Cambridge.
            • 90-minute Section 1 paper
            • 50 multiple-choice questions.
              • Average time required to answer each question is 1.8 mins.
              • The CTA is a non-calculator test.
              • It is administered by local test centres nationwide.

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            We offer Thinking Skills Assessment practice.

            Free TSA practice

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