Welcome to our Guide to Applying for Oxford and Cambridge in 2024.

Our 2024 Oxbridge Admissions Guide

Applying to any one of the universities like Oxford or Cambridge is a privilege for every student and most applicants dream of this very day almost throughout their academic life. Studying at any one of these universities automatically gives a boost to their confidence. Before applying to these institutions, it should be clear that the applicant wants to go all the way through.

Applying to Oxford or Cambridge?

Oxford and Cambridge are collectively known as Oxbridge and are some of the most popular educational institutions in the world and specifically for US students.

These universities attract the brightest minds in the country and are open to welcoming international students as well.

The application procedures are quite rigorous and fairly similar to all the top-tier colleges out there. The whole process is built to figure out the best of the best and proceed with their admissions.

Choosing the Right Oxbridge Course

Before applying to these colleges, it is important that the students make up their minds about the courses they are going to study.

If an applicant has a niche for numbers and digits, then a mathematics major is something that will boost their career. It is important to select the degree first and not the university where they want to study in.

One should only be choosing that course about they are passionate to learn and experiment.

What makes Oxbridge Colleges so special?

Here’s the main Oxbridge advantages differentiating Oxbridge from the other top colleges all across the country:

Oxbridge’s Collegiate system

Both the institutions have their own individual colleges and academic departments, which are further responsible for teaching and assessment.

The colleges provide academic and pastoral assistance and work towards organizing small group tuitions and often time assign a particular tutor or supervisor for educating about a subject.

Each of the colleges under these famous universities offers major benefits of high academic standards. For applying, one has to go through the UCAS application process and has to mention their choice of college there as well.

Teaching methods at Oxbridge Colleges

Across Oxford and C ambridge universities, the teaching method is more or less similar. There are frequent lectures, seminars and consistent classes and even extra tuitions arranged for a group of students.

The only difference is the terminology, wherein Oxford, special classes are termed as tutorials and in Cambridge, they are known as supervisions.

Key Oxbridge application stages

  • The first step is choosing the second and then choosing the suitable college for the course.
  • Second step is filling out the UCAS application and university forms.
  • The next step is appearing for the test and written work.
  • When all that is completed, one has to sit for the personal interview and then if the selection is done, the decision lies with the student to choose the right college.

Oxbridge application Dos and Don’ts

  • Do choosing the right course that you are passionate about.
  • Practice discussing the subject with teachers and students.
  • Don’t give false data on the application form.
  • Do not provide multiple names in the preferred college/colleges section on the form.
  • Don’t judge the Oxbridge applicaition system to be unfair because you were unsuccessful.

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