Our London Private Sixth Forms entry?

London Private Sixth Forms entry 2023

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Our London Private 6th Forms Guide 2023

There is a huge range of Independent/private schools spread out over Great Britain, which is why we focus here on private sixth form colleges in London. These schools are fee paying and most of them are members of the ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate).

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London Private Sixth Forms 

In England, Wales, Northern Ireland and some Common Wealth countries a Sixth Form refers to the last 1-3 years of schooling. This is usually between the ages of 16 and 18. A Sixth Form education is to prepare for A-level exams, at the end of Year 13. Although most Sixth Forms form part of a Secondary school, they can also be independent. Independent Sixth Forms Colleges imitate learning in a more informal manner, closer to University.

You may find that Sixth Form colleges are different from those attached to secondary schools on the following:

  • No uniform
  • Meeting new people as learners all come from different schools
  • More independence preparing learners for after school
  • A wider range of subjects including BTEC and vocational courses

For most schools, Sixth Form, therefore, consists of Year 12 (Lower Sixth) and Year 13 (Upper Sixth).

Although most English Private Secondary schools have a Sixth Form as part of the school, these can also be independent.

Although Sixth Form is not compulsory in England, children of that age need to still be in formal education. There are therefore a few choices after writing GCSE’s at the end of Year 11:

  • Attend Sixth Form in preparation of University/Academic qualification
  • Vocational training
  • Advanced Apprenticeship