Welcome to our pre-tests past papers for top practice to achieve school entry 2024.

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School Entrance Tests recommends these Pretests practice papers 2024 for several reasons:

  1. They will fully prepare your child for each ISEB pretest module in their private school entrance exam.
  2. Your child will become familiar with each ISEB pretest question type in their private school entrance exam.
  3. Such high quality ISEB Pretest preparation allows your child to sit their ISEB Pretest exam with confidence.
  4. So min summary, purchasing this bundle means you have given your child THE BEST POSSIBLE OPPORTUNITY to perform at their highest possible level.

ISEB Pre-Tests Past Papers 10+ 11+ 13+ Test Practice

Which independent schools use the ISEB Pre-Tests?

Why use this ISEB Pre-Tests Practice?

We have several reasons for recommending these particular Test Past Papers for ages 10+ 11+ and 13+.

  1. FIrstly detailed explanations are provided for every single question so your child can learn and improve.
  2. Secondly, ISEB Pre-Test’s timing is at the necessary pace for your child to do well in the actual exam.
  3. Thirdly, these ISEB pretests are presented via an interface that uses exactly the same layout and design as the actual exam. Matching both the set-up and the administration rules of the ISEB Pretest administration (reviewing answers, timing, ISEB PRe-Test instructions etc)
  4. Also, each test is complete, it is marked automatically.
  5. So, your child can therefore quickly review their test answers. This is key for effective memory retention and for the most efficient learning more generally.

So in summary Parents can use the ISEB PRe-Test practice paper stats provided to rank your child’s performance against their peer group. Such ranking stats also allow you to benchmark their progress towards the ISEB PreTest pass mark.

Pre-Tests Test Practice

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