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INTJ advantages

The main idea of knowing your MBTI type is that your raised self-awareness means you can match your behavioural responses:

  • To work more effectively on a team, especially in terms of dealing with conflict.
  • You can also communicate more effectively if you have a better idea of how people process what you tell them.

INTJ Overview of what INTJs most enjoy doing?

  • Accomplishing tasks.
  • Being productive.

How to spot an INTJ at work

  • An INTJ is a quick-witted, detached, and rational individual. They question everything and enjoy breaking the rules. They have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, which often makes them academically oriented.
  • Architects are intelligent, curious, and determined. They can also be arrogant, overly critical, and dismissive of emotions.
  • INTJs think outside the box and thrive when working alone or in small groups, so they would excel in careers in project management, marketing strategy, or system engineering.
  • Architects have very high standards for themselves, and they usually do their job the best they can, which makes them great employees. They like working independently and can’t stand being micromanaged and wasting their time in pointless meetings. 
  • An Architect typically wouldn’t hold back from offering everyone (including their manager and boss) constructive criticism — which can backfire as not everyone is a fan of that.
  • Even though they prefer working alone, INTJs make very good managers as their priority is effectiveness and innovation and not just being in charge for the sake of it. They treat their subordinates as equals and give them freedom.

INTJ type tips

INTJ Productivity Tips

  1. Make to-do lists. Architects are great at planning. It comes so easy and natural to them that I didn’t even include it on this list, since I’m sure they already do it. However, they are a little less great at taking action. To-do lists let you plan your tasks, but they also force you to do them to cross them off.
  2. Break down bigger tasks into smaller chunks. Big projects often seem overwhelming, especially when you’re a perfectionist. So, to avoid procrastination, break bigger tasks down into smaller tasks that seem more doable.
  3. Remember the 5-minute rule. Another trick for procrastination is to make a deal with yourself that you’ll do that one thing you dread for only 5 minutes. Realistically, you’ll end up doing it for more than 5 minutes, but it’s important to force yourself to start.
  4. Give yourself a deadline. You function well in deadline-based environments; use it to your advantage. Plan out and give deadlines to all tasks, not just work-related ones (yes, especially those you don’t want to do)
  5. Create a routine that works well for you. As an INTJ, you are not the type of person who’ll do something only because everyone else is doing it. You would benefit from having a routine, but only the well-thought-out one that makes sense to you.

INTJ MBTI remote worker personality types


How to spot the MBTI INTJ’s in a remote team?

  • INTJs are perfectionist innovators who are comfortable alone and thrive in a remote work environment.
  • People with this personality type are natural problem solvers who are great at taking an idea and turning it into a plan of action.
  • They’re a dual-threat: skilled at both intuitive and practical thinking.
  • According to the MBTI, the

INTJ is your remote team ARCHITECT

Best ways to work with INTJ people? 

  • According to the MBTI, INTJs are most comfortable communicating by email or WhatsApp.
  • Hence will need to be nudged into picking up the phone or jumping on a Zoom call. Even when those virtual team options are far more beneficial.
  • Typically, INTJs are extremely deadline-focused.
  • Although with many INTJs there’s also a danger they can rush to hasty decisions.
  • In particular when working remotely without having a manager to check their impulses.
  • Hence, sometimes INTJs need to be reminded to:
  • Stop for a second
  • Take their time
  • Let their ideas germinate – rather than just rushing straight at them.

INTJ Well-Being tips

  • If your stress levels are high, people may perceive you as being cold and aloof.
  • You might appear irritable and short-tempered and may have a strong desire to be left alone.
  • And you might seem more closed off or defensive than you normally would.

Our INTJ remote working tips 

  • Develop a daily routine that gives you time to reflect throughout the day.
  • Allow yourself time to think through the implications of your ideas.
  • When you think up a new way of doing something, don’t forget to share the idea with others.
  • In many situations, a video meeting or phone conversation may help you get your message across more easily than an email or IM.
  • Pay attention to deadlines. Give yourself enough time to consider all the possibilities before you commit to a decision.


INTJ – dandelion 

A typically “tough” plant. Prick it with the tiniest of pricks, however, and it starts bleeding profusely. 


Points to remember when completing the Myers-Briggs personality test are:

  • The personality test questions in the MBTI are statement and word pairs. Word pairs are a less common form of psychometric test format than other commonly used personality test questions.
  • Employers are looking for certain personality traits in any role – as indicators of high job performance in key areas. Since the MBTI is for development purposes – not selection – there is no need to consider faking it.

INTJ Personality type’s First Impressions

  • People are often struck by your quiet, confident presence.
  • You have a focused, intense energy and don’t mind taking charge when a direction needs to be mapped out.
  • During social events, you’re likely to be in a responding rather than initiating role.
  • You’re not likely to walk up to strangers and make a lot of chit-chat, but if people come and speak to you then you will be polite and straightforward.
  • People sense that there is a strong “inner world” inside of you —that whatever’s happening in the moment isn’t as important to you as whatever’s occurring inside your mind.
  • There’s often a strong sense of people feeling like they can’t quite get to know you or that there’s more going on with you than meets the eye.

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