Welcome to our guide to passing your Private School Entrance Exams 12+ using our 12+ past papers. We offer THE BEST Maths 12+ test practice. FREE 12 plus English test prep resources.

How to pass your 12+ entry exam

School Entrance Tests‘s step-by-step 12 Plus Exam passing guide:

  1. BUY the exam practice materials which are the closest to your selective school’s 12 plus exam. This is vital. You need to be practising at the correct 12+ difficulty level.
  2. Schedule 12+ exam revision sessions at least once a week. Before school first thing in the morning or immediately after school often works well.  Although if your child already has lots of extra-curricula activities, then the weekend may be an easier 12 plus revision scheduling option.
  3. Initially, use the first 1-2 revision sessions to familiarise your child with the 12+ Entrance test format and the different types of question in the 12 plus entry assessment.
  4. As your child will perfect their 12 plus entry exam technique, track their progress.

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