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Our Graduate Interview tips

  • A well conducted interview should form the basis of every selection process, but it does have limitations because no matter how skilled the interview process is. It can still only collect self-reported information from the candidate.
  • No perfect method of assessment exists, but the most effective way of predicting job performance is to use a mix of assessment methods and look at the results in an integrated way to build up a picture of the candidate.
  • At the simplest level, this may involve no more than looking at examples of candidate’s past work.
  • At its most complex and sophisticated it might be a full Assessment Centre using a range of tests and exercises for Senior Management positions.

Supplement with bespoke psychometric tests

Additional methods of assessment can improve the quality and quantity of information on which to base the selection decision.

Graduate panel interview tips

The panel might ask a candidate to give examples of problems they have tackled and explore their knowledge of problem solving techniques, but an assessment exercise which allows the candidate to demonstrate this ability in practice is likely to be more informative.

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Graduate Assessment Interviews

  • Panels need to decide if it is appropriate to use additional assessment techniques beyond the interview. 
  • Think about the job level, the pool of candidates you need to attract and the criteria you need to assess against. For many jobs, the interview alone will be the most appropriate approach.

CAT4 test practice

  • For many basic level operative and clerical jobs, particularly where there is a constant need to recruit, the best method is to use the Fast Track to Interview approach.
  • Here, all interested job seekers are automatically invited to interview, helped if necessary to complete a simplified application form and interviewed against the person specification without delay as the only method of assessment.
  • Recruitment initiatives targeting jobs to unemployed residents should not use methods of assessment beyond the interview, unless this is strictly essential. The interview should be conducted in as informal and encouraging way as possible.
  • It is not appropriate to use a battery of assessment techniques for jobs requiring basic level skills. Rather than enhance the outcome, this is more likely to put potential applicants off.
  • Never use assessment tools for their own sake. Selection decisions will only be enhanced if the assessment tool is really needed to get at information that cannot be obtained otherwise.
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