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Intro to the ESTP personality type MBTI

The MBTI is a self-reported personality survey on respondents’ feelings and preferences. Then you align yourself with one of the 16 MBTI personality types.

Each MBTI type has 4 letters:

  1. Either an I or an E letter initially. These need for having an /introverted or extroverted MBTI type respectively
  2. This first letter is then followed by either an S or letter N (sensibility/intuition),
  3. Then a letter T or F for the thinking and the feeling MBTI types.
  4. And then finally either a letter P or a letter J or a P (judgment/perception).

ESTP advantages

The main idea of knowing your MBTI type is that your raised self-awareness means you can match your behavioural responses:

  • To work more effectively on a team, especially in terms of dealing with conflict.
  • You can also communicate more effectively if you have a better idea of how people process what you tell them.


How to spot the ESTPs at work

  • An ESTP is the life of the party, energetic and sociable. They love drama and life’s pleasures: long theoretical discussions are not their cup of tea. They would rather live according to their moral compass than someone else’s.
  • Entrepreneurs are observant, bold, rational, and practical. However, they can also be insensitive, impatient, and risk-prone.
  • ESTPs are competitive people of action: they make great entrepreneurs (obviously), athletes, flight attendances, and chefs.
  • Entrepreneurs are generally very adaptable, but they prefer superior positions as they don’t like rules being forced upon them.
  • ESTPs would rather experiment and see what works best than follow the guidelines made by someone else. They’re great at thinking quickly and improvising; they also don’t shy away from taking risks. “Work hard, play hard” is their motto.

ESTP Productivity Tips

  1. Don’t multitask. As irresistible as multitasking or jumping from task to taskmay be sometimes, try to finish them one by one. Multitasking will only disperse your focus and make you less productive.
  2. Cultivate deep work. Deep work is not an easy skill to master, especially to ESTPs, but it’s often necessary to get things done.
  3. Block out time. Schedule time for tasks on your calendar and treat them like important meetings: no procrastination, no interruptions.
  4. Use apps or a pre-organized planner. You’re usually on the go and don’t particularly enjoy planning ahead, so it’s best for you to use something that has an already set template that you can just fill in.
  5. Try out different productivity methods. Experimenting has always been what Entrepreneurs like doing the most, so why wouldn’t that work for productivity methods? Have fun with testing them and find out what works best for you.

How to spot the MBTI ESTP’s in a remote team?

  • ESTP’s are risk-takers who thrive on solving big problems at a fast pace.
  • They’re passionate about their pursuits but can also get impatient with longer-term projects as they suffer from short attention spans.
  • Entrepreneurs can be a major asset to any team, but they can also be hard to manage because they’re not particularly respectful of rules.

According to the MBTI, the ESTP is your remote team ENTREPRENEUR

ESTP remote working tips

  • Break up your day with a variety of different tasks.
  • Between each task, do something to stimulate your senses. Look out the window, go
    outdoors, or talk to someone online.
  • Make full use of the added flexibility you get from remote working—but remember that others may not appreciate a late-night email or video call!
  • Plan to have some time free of interesting distractions each day. Use this time for focused work.
  • In your leisure time, do something physically active and energetic.


Best ways to work with ESTP types? 

  • According to the MBTI, most ESTPs prefer keeping their work as fun as possible.
  • Whilst also keeping things moving fast. ESTPs are classically impatient, so give them a day’s worth of tasks in a project tool rather than any long-term targets.
  • Also, most ESTPs excel at firefighting because the thrill of the moment is exciting to them.
  • As a general rule, Entrepreneurs are great at thinking outside the box, so don’t put them inside one by stifling their creativity.”

ESTP Well-Being Tips

  • If stress levels are high, you might appear edgy and impatient.
  • You are very action-oriented and may struggle with sitting idle or in silence.
  •  If there is a lot of micro-managing, meaningless chit-chat, or sedentary behavior, you’re likely to just get up and go do something on your own.

ESTP TYPE’S First Impressions

  • Whether it’s a party, business meeting, or social engagement, you have no problem taking the lead if things are lacking direction or momentum.
  • You’re quick-witted and confident in your actions and don’t mind being looked at as an authority figure.
  • People are drawn to your go-getter attitude and the focus with which you get things done.
  • You exude competence but can come across as “pumped up” or too intense in a low-key environment.
  • But your charming sense of humor and ability to “read” people fairly easily gives you a leg up in motivating people to take your lead.


  • Like ISTPs, ESTPs tend to focus on enjoying the present rather than obsessing over the past or the future. Entrepreneurs don’t want to be held back or brought down by stress, because that will keep them from having the freedom that they thrive on. They value spontaneity and excitement over well-laid plans, so rather than dreaming about their wedding day, ESTPs are more likely to be found thinking about their next fun adventure.
  • As a result, Entrepreneurs don’t tend to get worked up over relationship strife. An ISTP’s habit of leaping before looking can get them into trouble at times, but it allows them to enjoy their relationships rather than overthink them. People with this personality truly don’t know how to sit still, so while they’re not chill in that sense, their tendency to take action rather than dwell on mistakes and heartbreaks makes them pretty laid-back in relationships.

ESTP personality type MBTI