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How to spot the ENTJs at work

  • ENTJs are natural-born leaders, confident and charismatic, often found in the center of attention. They love challenges and they are very determined to accomplish them.
  • They are strong-willed, energetic, and confident, but they are also stubborn, impatient, and can be arrogant.
  • ENTJs are less good at handling emotions.
  • Their vision and drive make them great entrepreneurs, university professors, and lawyers.
  • As their name says, Commanders function best in a position of power, for example in executive or managerial roles. Being a leader is natural to them, so they often find subordinate positions challenging.
  • ENTJs are great communicators and very driven. They hold themselves to a high standard and appreciate constructive criticism: their goal is to do the job as efficiently as possible.
  • As a coworker, a Commander is very sociable and enjoys sharing ideas.

ENTJ Productivity Tips

Being productive typically isn’t a problem for ENTJs, but there’s always room for improvement. Here are a few things you could do:

  1. Track time. Tracking time is the best way to see where your time goes and if there’s anything you can do to improve. There is a variety of time tracking apps available that are easy to use and won’t interrupt your workflow.
  2. Find a routine. Commanders often enjoy having a routine as it makes them more efficient, and helps them avoid decision fatigue. If you don’t have one, try it out!
  3. Find the right playlist. It can get you in the right mindset better than anything else, it’s just up to you what genre you choose.
  4. Work smarter, not harder. You are a hard worker, but efficiency is your ultimate goal. When you find yourself working a lot but not accomplishing much, take a step back and try to work smarter instead of harder.
  5. Set both short-term and long-term goals. You function best when you have the big picture in mind; after all, short-term goals are just steps to accomplish your long-term goals.

Our ENTJ remote working tips 

Pay attention to specific details when making and implementing plans.

Working from home can help you be more productive, but take care not to push decisions
through without seeking the views and opinions of others.

It can be difficult to pick up on social cues in online meetings. Give everyone a chance to speak and use video if possible.

Try not to be too directive online. Maintain a balance between directing and listening.

Check emails or other written communications before you send them. This is especially important if you’re stressed or in a hurry.


ENTJ MBTI remote worker personality types

How to spot the MBTI ENTJs in a remote team?

  • ENTJs are logical planners who love breaking down boundaries and identifying solutions.
  • They value knowledge and have little patience with inefficiency.
  • Above all, they are about goal-setting, structure, and organization.
  • They are generally charismatic and confident and can motivate others behind a common goal.

According to the MBTI, the ENTP is your remote team COMMANDER, STRATEGIST

Best ways to work with ENTJ types? 

  • According to the MBTI, ENTJs prefer the bigger picture and taking strategic decisions.
  • ENTJs don’t always see the finer details when implementing plans.
  • In a remote working environment, that puts them at greater risk of pushing through decisions without properly taking in the views of others.
  • To truly excel, ENTJs need to remember the necessary balance between directing and consulting.

ENTJ Well-Being tips

  • If your stress levels are high, people may perceive you as being pushy or aggressive.
  • You might take on too much responsibility and get overwhelmed at what needs to get done before deadlines are up.
  • You sometimes come across as impatient and demanding of others.

ENTJ type fun

ENTJ- a book 

Any tree that has been squashed in order to carry the words of “10 successful businessmen” 


Points to remember when completing the Myers-Briggs personality test are:

  • The personality test questions in the MBTI are statement and word pairs. Word pairs are a less common form of psychometric test format than other commonly used personality test questions.
  • Employers are looking for certain personality traits in any role – as indicators of high job performance in key areas. Since the MBTI is for development purposes – not selection – there is no need to consider faking it.

ENTJ TYPE’S First Impressions

  • You are filled with a determined, commanding energy.
  • People feel like things are handled and under control when they’re around you.
  • While you’re outgoing and extroverted, you typically don’t like a lot of chit-chat and small-talk.
  • Instead, you prefer to make direct eye contact and state exactly what you want or need.
  • People see you as straightforward, blunt, and confident. You often have a sense of how to get things done and how to accomplish long-term goals. 
  • Others often sense that you’re looking out for their best interest even when you’re critical of them.

ENTJ personality type MBTI

How the MBTI defines Extroversion and Introversion

As the way you focus your efforts and thoughts:
– So if you’re more inclined to exert yourself toward things outside of yourself, including interacting with other people and exploring the world, you are likely an extravert. 
– Whereas preferring to focus internally; means you mainly devote your mental energy to the reflection and consideration of

  • ideas, 
  • beliefs and 
  • info

How the MBTI defines Sensing / Intuition

This is how you process information. So if you tend to…

  • process information based on what you can see..
  • or to experience directly or through facts, then you are a sensing individual. 
  • learn by assessing or instinct, then you are likely guided by intuition.

How the MBTI defines Thinking / Feeling

  • This relates to how you make decisions:
  • An individual with a thinking designation trusts in logic when making decisions. 
  • Whereas a feeling person is more likely to react to situations emotionally, allowing feelings to guide their decision-making process.

How the MBTI defines Judging / Perceiving

How much structure you like to have in your daily life:

  • When you place a priority on organization and long-term plans, that is an indication that you are a judging person.
  • Individuals who are more adaptable are considered to be perceiving.

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