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Intro to the ENFJ personality type MBTI

The MBTI is a self-reported personality survey on respondents’ feelings and preferences. Then you align yourself with one of the 16 MBTI personality types.

Each MBTI type has 4 letters:

  1. Either an I or an E letter initially. These need for having an /introverted or extroverted MBTI type respectively
  2. This first letter is then followed by either an S or letter N (sensibility/intuition),
  3. Then a letter T or F for the thinking and the feeling MBTI types.
  4. And then finally either a letter P or a letter J or a P (judgment/perception).

ENFJ advantages

The main idea of knowing your MBTI type is that your raised self-awareness means you can match your behavioural responses:

  • To work more effectively on a team, especially in terms of dealing with conflict.
  • You can also communicate more effectively if you have a better idea of how people process what you tell them.

How to spot the ENFJs at work

  • An ENFJ is a passionate, altruistic, and eloquent individual. They like to inspire and work on improving both themselves and their community. Communication comes very naturally to them.
  • ENFJs are tolerant, reliable, and natural leaders, but also overly idealistic and too sensitive. They can struggle with making hard decisions.
    Because of their natural inclination to inspire and help people, they thrive in career paths such as teaching, counseling, HR, and sales.
  • Protagonists are usually very likable and can function well in different roles. They are reliable and eager to help, but they need to be careful not to overwork themselves. Sometimes they accept extra work to avoid conflict and criticism.
  • They are cooperative and usually get along with their colleagues: they love working in an environment where everyone is comfortable expressing their ideas and thoughts.

ENFJ Productivity Tips

  1. Prioritize. Divide your tasks by their importance and urgency: do the important and urgent ones, delegate the ones that are urgent but can be done by someone else, and schedule important but not urgent ones.
  2. Learn to say no. Your time and energy are valuable, and you need to realize that. Saying yes to everything is a sure way to burnout.
  3. Organize your space. Make your bed, organize your desk, wash the dishes. Cluttered space makes your mind cluttered too.
  4. Plan your day the night before. In that way, when you wake up the next morning you’ll already know what to do and how to organize your day.
  5. Don’t overwork yourself. Find your own work-life balance and make sure you give yourself time to relax and recharge. You won’t be productive if your mind is tired and can’t focus.

ENFJ type tips

MBTI remote worker personality type ENFJ:


How to spot the MBTI ENFJ’s in a remote team?

  • ENFJ’s are another group of natural leaders.
  • However, unlike their ENTP colleagues, this cadre is driven more by intuition and feelings than logic and rationality.
  • If they’re managers, they’re the inspirational type: extremely driven but also extremely empathetic to the needs of those around them.
  • Both Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama are classic ENFJs.

Our ENFJ remote working tips 

According to the MBTI, the ENTP is your remote team FACILITATOR / PROTAGONIST

Best ways to work with ENFJ types? 

  • According to the MBTI, many ENFJs often forget their own needs in favour of other people’s needs.
  • Not just in terms of burnout, but also when completing their own tasks. However, with this group, the positives vastly outweigh any negatives.
  • It’s always a good idea to have your team’s ENFJ lead group discussions, even if they’re not in a leadership role because they excel at it.
  • They should be your go-to Zoom meeting host.
  • At the heart of any situation involving discussion, consensus, and the bringing together of people and ideas.

Keep in touch with people and keep track of what’s going on by having regular informal meetings with friends and colleagues (old and new).

  • Build consensus by collecting and bringing together everyone’s ideas.
  • Remember that other people might skip the pleasantries in an email or IM—particularly if they’re busy or distracted. Try not to assume you’re being criticized where no offence is intended.
  • If your working day is too quiet, take a moment to connect with family or friends. Working from home means you’re allowed to be flexible.
    • You can’t support everyone all the time. Don’t forget your own needs!


ENFJ Well-Being tips

  • If you’re experiencing a great deal of stress, you may not seem as friendly and engaging as usual.
  • Instead, you might appear more directing, demanding, or irritable.
  • Because you naturally care about other people’s comfort, it can be frightening for you to feel this way.

ENFJ- dahlia 

A cool-looking geometrical flower. Almost hypnotizing. Does well with other plants. 


Points to remember when completing the Myers-Briggs personality test are:

  • The personality test questions in the MBTI are statement and word pairs. Word pairs are a less common form of psychometric test format than other commonly used personality test questions.
  • Employers are looking for certain personality traits in any role – as indicators of high job performance in key areas. Since the MBTI is for development purposes – not selection – there is no need to consider faking it.

ENFJ TYPE’S First Impressions

  • You’re a natural when it comes to meeting new people, making engaging conversation, and keeping the energy high.
  • In no time at all, you can find common ground with others and establish rapport through your sense of humor and charismatic friendliness.
  • You tend to speak rapidly, with a lot of enthusiasm and momentum.
  • While certain other types are more reserved, you tend to make direct eye contact and appear sure of yourself.
  • It’s important for you to make the other person feel comfortable and really “seen.”
  • By being as authentic as you can be, you hope to create a safe space for others to be genuine, however messy that may look or sound.

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