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Building Innovative and Diverse Teams

Diversity and inclusivity is an important element of every business organisation operating in a certain business market. Diversity helps in boosting innovation among employees. Diversity doesn’t just add value to the reputation of the company, it also helps in ensuring that a strong and growing company will be developed in the future as well.

Harvard Business Review also found out the diverse workforce has a greater level of innovation, providing companies with huge benefits which expand to new business markets. It also helps in making data-driven decisions for the business organisation.

Also, companies that have 35% and above ethnic diversity in the top quartile are also likely to outperform financial companies that are in the low quartile. Diversity and inclusivity in companies help to have better long-term, short-term and medium-term hiring processes. It is also noticed that within 0.2 sec of receiving the resume of a candidate, managers make the hiring decision just by reading the name of the candidate. Also, within 10 secs of the interview process, the interviewer decides the result of the interview. 

Hiring the Next Star Player

It doesn’t matter which industry a company operates in, the best performers that work in the company are four times more productive compared to average employees. A company needs to choose the employees who will work for the organisation strategically. Not everyone working in a particular company will have all the qualities and capabilities and will be able to function in all types of work.

The main factor that must be considered in the hiring process is that the candidate has the personality traits and cognitive skills that will fit well with the job position. There might also be many candidates who might not have certain skills and capabilities mentioned in their resumes. However, they might have the capability to do the things that are not presented in their resume.

Astudy has proven that there are 11% of candidates were not hired just due to their technical skills and 89% of candidates do not get hired due to their lack of soft skills. Candidates need to have different types of soft and hard skills. Candidates must be able to receive feedback positively and work on improving their mistakes. 

Making Data-Driven and Objective Decisions

The decisions taken for the interview round sometimes work in the company’s favor. There are many instances when the interview decision is based on the manager rather than on the skills and capabilities of the candidate. It has been previously mentioned that it takes 10 seconds for the manager to decide the interview’s outcome, which is quite less. In 10 secs, the manager will never be able to understand what the candidate is capable of.

There are also many instances when the selection process of the interview depends on the connections and interests of the manager. For example, the manager might have a close link with another candidate and due to this, the manager might not select the most eligible candidate and end up selecting someone who is not eligible for the job role. This harms not just the productivity of the company, it also impacts the reputation of the company. Hence, it is important for companies to develop data-driven interview rounds.

Conducting an online interview that is solely made on the technology of artificial intelligence will help in the unbiased selection of employees. Also, neither the manager nor any other member of the company should be allowed to intervene in the interview. 

Resume Fatigue Reduction

After the online interview process, the entire number of candidates is narrowed down to a small pool of hundreds or thousands of employees. It based on the number of vacancies that are available in the organisation. After narrowing down the candidates, the next step in the hiring process is to choose the resume of the candidates. The resume of the candidate is selected based on a number of factors that depend on one company to another.

For example, there might be employees who perform exceptionally well in online interviews. However, the candidate might not get selected due to his resume. Candidates are selected based on the requirements of the job role and if any candidate who has passed the online interview round meets the job role requirements.

The chosen candidates’ resumes are scanned, which resume the company thinks would fit the job role. The last stage in the overall recruitment process is the physical interview round. In this round, the interviewee asks certain questions to the candidate and based on the interview observation, determines the hiring processes result. This is the last stage before the candidate signs the contract with the company. 

Creating certainty in the Hiring Process

One bad hire that cost a company huge financial loss. Hiring is a challenging task and it is also a large investment that a company makes. It has been found from a survey made by the Society for Human Resource Management that a bad hire can cost an organisation five times the annual salary. 39% of CFOs across various companies have said that a bad hire can cost a company productivity loss.

In addition, 95% of executives have said that a bad hire can affect the morale of the entire workforce. It is also important to mention that while selecting a candidate, it is not just important to select the academic performances and scores of the candidate, it is also important to check the soft skills of the candidate.

Agood hire is someone with a good balance of soft and hard skills per the job position the candidate is applying for. It is also important for organisations to check the background of the candidates and also check the past work experience of the candidate.

If a candidate is seen to switch jobs frequently, that candidate should not be chosen as it might cause the company financial loss. There are also many candidates who have been fired from their previous jobs due to misconduct and hence, doing a proper background check is necessary.