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What are the CAT4’s reasoning skills?

CAT4 assesses cognitive abilities across four key areas: verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and spatial awareness.

The data it generates isn’t just numbers. The cat4 assessment battery offers a roadmap. This can guide parents and teachers in tailoring tutoring strategies.

Our CAT4 practice test samples

We help cat 4 tutors and parents of cat 4 test takers.

CAT4 skills training

Best practice using CAT4 data

Can the CAT4 be used to Tailor Individualized Learning Plans for Tutors?

As a tutor, your mission is to guide your students towards success by providing personalized support.

The GL Assessment Cognitive Abilities Test 4 (CAT4) is a powerful tool that can take your tutoring to the next level.

The CAT4 reports allow you to craft individualised learning plans. The CAT4 output caters to a pupil’s unique cognitive abilities. the idea is to leverage cat scores to unlock a student’s full potential.

Leveraging CAT4 Data for Individualized Learning Plans

Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

CAT4 data provides a clear picture of your students’ cognitive strengths and areas that may need improvement.

By identifying their areas of excellence and challenges, you can design learning plans that focus on enhancing their strengths while addressing any gaps.

Customize Learning Materials

Armed with CAT4 insights, you can curate learning materials that align with your students’ cognitive preferences.

Whether they excel in logical thinking, visual processing, or verbal comprehension, tailor your resources to cater to their individual learning styles.

Set Achievable Goals

CAT4 data empowers you to set achievable goals that align with your students’ cognitive abilities.

By breaking down complex concepts into manageable steps, you can foster a sense of accomplishment and motivation in your students.

Adapt Instruction Methods

Different cognitive profiles require different instructional approaches. Use CAT4 data to adapt your teaching methods.

Whether it’s incorporating visual aids, interactive activities, or hands-on experiences to maximize your students’ understanding and retention.

Encourage Intellectual Growth

The insights from CAT4 extend beyond subject-specific tutoring.

Use spatial awareness and non-verbal reasoning data to introduce activities that promote creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving, fostering intellectual growth beyond the classroom.

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