Our Sixth Form entry CAT4 test practice offers a comprehensive approach to mastering every module.

6th Form entry practice tests

School Entrance Tests recommend following these three steps to ensure a CAT4 pass:

  1. BUYING ALL the CAT4 test practice you need for sixth form entry 2025 specifically designed to help your child prepare for the CAT4 exam. 
  2. The precision and alignment of our age specific CAT4 Level g test practice Year 8 is indispensable for passing your sixth form entry exam.
  3. Using CAT4 VIDEO COURSES to overcome CAT4 question specific or CAT4 paper specific difficulties.

Tailored to mimic the real CAT4’s format. These recommended CAT4 revision materials ensure there are no unexpected challenges on your child’s CAT4 test day.

From our specialist CAT4 designer. Feel free to contact our Founder, Rob Williams, at passedpapers@gmail.com

Rob Williams

An Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, Rob Williams is a Chartered Psychologist with over 25 years of experience working and designing tests.

He is also the author of five psychometric test design books and has worked for the  school entrance test publishers ISEB, Hodder and GL Assessment.

Here’s our popular You Tube channel‘s CAT4 video guide.

Recommended CAT4 practice test resources

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And unlock your child’s CAT 4 potential and pave their way for CAT4 exam success.

Planning your CAT4 test practice step-by-step

Or if the CAT4 test practice is unsuitable then you will find our extensive School Entrance exam practice tests here.

  1. Establish How to interprete a CAT 4 results report.
  2. Learn what the different CAT 4 sections look like.
  3. Practice with the correct year CAT 4 test for your own child.

Advanced CAT4 test prep recommendations

How best to prepare for a 2024 CAT4 test