Welcome to our feature on the 2024 11 plus exam timelines.

11 plus exam timelines

Here’s School Entrance Tests‘ summary of the 11 plus exam timetable for 2023: Ideally, you will have decided which grammar schools you are considering. Most grammar schools will be organising virtual tours and virtual open days over the coming year.)

April 2023: Most grammar schools will open their registration in April or May and set a deadline around June or July for parents to register their child for the 11+ exam. There is some variability, so please check these dates with your individual schools.

September 2023: For most grammar schools the 11+ exam will occur during the first two weeks in September 2023. There is some variability, so please check the date with your individual schools.

October 2023: For most grammar schools, 11+ results will be posted in mid-October 2032.

March 2024: School allocations are confirmed on 01 March 2024.

September 2023: New intake begins.

Why go to a Grammar School?

Grammar schools are some of the highest performing schools listed in national league tables. Another perceived advantage of attending a grammar school is that of social mobility.

11 plus mark schemes

  • Our expert mark schemes provide detailed answers as well as step-by-step explanations for every question in actual past papers.
  • Each mark scheme is also packed with advice and top tips to help your child learn and improve.
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  • Why Mark Schemes?
  • Problem: Many schools provide sample papers for their exams. However, very few include answers and explanations for these papers.
  • Solution: We’ve created detailed, step-by-step mark schemes for these past papers so you can accurately mark your child’s work whilst helping them learn new techniques, build confidence and improve their exam performance.

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