Welcome to our 11+ ISEB practice past papers.

11+ ISEB practice past papers

This is a guide for parents of current Year 5 children looking to prepare them for the 11+ Exam to enter their child into Year 7 at a grammar school.

Most of our 11 plus practice papers and 11 plus test papers are free.

We wish you the best of luck in your 11+ 2023 exams!

How do I best support my child in preparing for the 11+?

  • The best time to start preparing your child for the 11+ depends entirely on their current attainment levels and experience.
  • Any support or tuition focused on preparing for the 11+ exam also brings a significant and broader benefit to your child’s, in terms of their general school work and confidence.
  • Some parents will choose to prepare their child using resources available, such as the series of Bond 11+ books or GL and CEM past papers; other parents will choose to send their child to 11+ group tuition with classes outside of school hours.
  • Other parents may choose to enlist the services of a professional tutor or teacher, who specialises in preparing children for the 11+ exam.
  • Teachers To Your Home provides specialist 11+ Examination tutors who have considerable experience in preparing children for entry into grammar schools.
  • All of our 11+ tutors are qualified and experienced teachers; a significant number working as teachers within the Primary, Prep and Grammar School Sectors and who have thorough knowledge and experience of the 11+ process.
  • Most parents request 11+ tuition from Year 4 or 5. Initially, our 11+ tutors will provide an assessment of the child’s current levels.

What to do if your child does not pass the 11+?

If your child doesn’t do as well as you expected, parents can submit an appeal to challenge the decision. You can also consider applying again for a later selection, at 12+ or 13+.

Above all, 11+ tuition should be a very positive and enjoyable experience, for both the child and the teacher. It is about each child achieving their personal best, whatever that may be. With many years of experience teaching children on a one-to-one basis, we know that children often make remarkable progress in only a few weeks.

11 plus practice papers and 11 plus test papers

Slough and Reading Exam Format

The Slough and Reading 11 plus exam comprises two separate 11 plus papers; each lasting approximately 60 to 65 minutes. There is a mixture of questions on comprehension, verbal reasoning, mathematical reasoning, and nonverbal reasoning. The papers are categorized into timed sections as well as the instruction we provide it on an audio soundtrack. Most of the questions are multiple-choice and the answers are completed (and then marked) using a separate machine-readable sheet.

11 plus Science papers

11+ Science (ISEB 2018) 11 plus Science Mark Scheme (ISEB 2018)

Tutor with young boy 11 plus tutor cost guide

In our opinion, your child needs to view going to a grammar school as one option for them. That way if they don’t get in, it Is because grammar schools weren’t the best fit. So, be open about the amount of 11 plus prep and 11 plus practice that will be required. Promote a growth mindset by avoiding the belief that your child has failed somehow.

How much does a 11+ tutor cost?

Woman tutor for 11 plus tutor cost guide

Reports also show that the number of tutored children is also rising sharply. According to education and social mobility charity The Sutton Trust, one in four secondary school children now receives private tuition. This compares to less than one in five a decade ago.

However, the good news is that prices can vary considerably and it is definitely worth shopping around. A quick look at the Tutorfair website, which acts as a hub for private tutors, shows that the typical price of a tutor per hour outside of London is between £30 and £50.

11 plus tutor cost guide

One important factor is whether the tutor is a qualified teacher. Basically, you will pay much more if they are qualified and have significant experience of tutoring – ie. 10 years or more. You may also pay more if they have an Oxbridge degree, or if they are a specialist in a certain subject.

This is particularly true of Maths tutors. Of course in London, you can expect to pay even more, given the generally high demand for grammar schools in the area.

Top 11 plus tutor cost tips

  • Don’t assume that the most expensive is the best As with most things, it is possible to bag a bargain.
  • You just need to do your homework. TV programmes like Shop Well For Less show us you don’t need to spend a fortune on flashy labels to get good quality products. So it is with tutors.
  • Many tuition websites provide user ratings for their tutors. And it is definitely worth reading these before you make a decision.
  • Also don’t necessarily assume that a qualified teacher (ie one with PGCE, QTS certificates) is the best person to tutor your child.
  • Even though qualified teachers generally command much higher prices than non-qualified teachers they aren’t necessarily better.
  • There are some very good graduates out there with a good track record of getting children through their 11 Plus. Expect to pay around £30 for an unqualified teacher compared to around £50 per hour for a qualified teacher.
  • Don’t commit to too many sessions! Every child is different, but generally speaking, you shouldn’t spend more than a few months getting your child tutored for the 11 Plus.

Splitting the bill

  • Using a group tutor inevitably brings the costs down. For example, tuition company Explore Learning charges approximately £129 per month for two sessions a week of 1 hour 15 minutes each.
  • These take place with up to six children per tutor. This compares favourably price-wise to one-to-one tuition which currently averages around £40 per hour.

Do it Yourself!

OK, this might not be your preferred option. However, parents with a bit of time and patience can invest in coaching books designed around the 11 Plus exams. You can find a vast selection of various papers on this site.

Key 11+ 2024 themes

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