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Welcome to our WFH Scorecard.

How productive are you when wfh?

Have your lines between home and work become blurred?

Your FREE development report will focus on the most relevant three dimensions we’ve identified which can easily improve your productivity. We’ve worked with several clients on individualised nudges that improve other aspects of working from home: team fit; leadership and agile working.

Try our Productivity Scorecard today and see how you score. Your productivity and associated wellbeing has never been more important.

In this Scorecard and subsequent pdf report, we specifically look at the following three categories. We have also calculated a score for each one and provided you with actionable steps to improve your score and ultimately your productivity.

Change Readiness

Our aim in this section is to develop your mindset around changing work environments and the VUCA world we all now inhabit.

Learning Agility

Our aim here is to develop your learning agility within your own post-pandemic work environment.

Self Motivation

Our aim here is to advance your self-direction, drive and independent decision-making skills.

work tips for life

Productivity has become another buzzword of our time.

  • Takes 4-5 minutes of your time
  • Secondly, our productivity nudges are specifically aimed at actionable steps
  • A detailed pdf report will be sent direcly to your inbox for easy reference

Therefore, make sure to give our Productivity Scoreapp a try. You will receive your work productivity nudges in a pdf report.

We would also love to support you and/or your organisation in improving your productivity without putting more pressure on the individual.

We also have a few other Scoreapps available to help you with this. Be sure to get in touch if we can help any further.

Some of our other ScoreApps could help you and/or your team. Why not try our Change Readiness Scoreapp to see how you manage change.

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