Motivation tool designs (Values and Drivers)

An Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, Rob Williams is a Chartered Psychologist with over 25 years of experience working and designing tests. He is also the author of five psychometric test design books and has worked for the leading global psychometric test publishers including SHL, Kenexa IBM, MBTI, CAPP and SOVA Assessment.

Rob Williams Assessment’s Motivation tool design clients

What are your motivators?

We are specialists in designing Motivation Tests that measure values and drivers. Please contact us to discuss how Rob Williams Assessment Ltd can help your company in assessment exercise design.

Personality Values Test Design

  • 3-4 scenarios to assess each value.
  • Totalling approx. 15-16 questions.
  • Provides accurate and meaningful feedback to each respondent.

Personality Values-Based Interview

Structured interview(s) comprising firstly values questions. Secondly, comprising of competency questions, and finally, including technical questions.

Values-Based Simulation Exercises

  • Scenarios from the job analysis can be used to design simulation exercises.
  • Parallel version developed to maximise exercise integrity.
  • Minimise risk of applicants sharing details of tools.
  • Compromising the validity of the assessment process.

Motivation Tests – Values Assessment Exercises

We can design values assessment exercises design to focus on any values framework. Values based recruitment may involve values based structured interviews, values based selection centres, values based situational judgement tests and/or values based personality tests.

Motivation Tests – Values based personality tests

Personality tests measure values – as well as job specific constructs or competencies. As with a situational judgement based design, values based personality tests can serve as a highly effective realistic job preview, or self-selection tool.P skills such as judgement/decision-making and interpersonal effectiveness can be defined of values and/or personality traits.

In fact, in any context there is invariably a complex interplay between personality and values. This makes it particularly important to pay attention to selection and developmental contexts, when determining the suitability of different psychometric tools. Personality describes natural behaviours whereas values relate to a choice that must be made between alternative courses of action.

In a sense, for most people, values are what we feel that we ought to do. Unlike many personality traits there are many values that conflict directly with each other and so cannot be held concurrently. Values impact goal content whereas personality traits impact the efforts that individuals make towards their goals.

How motivated are you when wfh?

Change Readiness

Our aim in this section is to develop your mindset around changing work environments and the VUCA world we all now inhabit.

Learning Agility

Our aim here is to develop your learning agility within your own post-pandemic work environment.

Self Motivation

Our aim here is to advance your self-direction, drive and independent decision-making skills.

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