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We are aptitude test specialists for all the common adult and child aptitude tests. Do contact us if you have any aptitude test questions which can’t be answered here.

Our numerical reasoning test book:

Who are our aptitide test practice books aimed at?

  • Each aptitude test practice book is packed with examples of every kind of aptitude test.
  • The Passing Aptitude Tests series take you through everything you need to pass with flying colours.
  • Are you chasing a job that you really want, but need to take a verbal reasoning test to get it?
  • With the help of this book, you’ll sharpen your skills and quickly become confident in your ability to pass. To feel practiced, prepared and confident. To get you ready to take on any type of test. Plus, helping aptitude test takers to develop aptitude test taking strategy to maximise their aptitude test performance.

Passing aptitude Tests book series Part 1

Our Verbal Reasoning practice test book chapters

  • Firstly, Getting started
  • Secondly, Practice makes perfect
  • Thirdly, Mastering reading comprehension
  • Fourthly, Sharpen your critical reasoning skills
  • Fifthly, Succeed on test day

Part 2 – Time to practice

  • Firstly, Warm up tests
  • Secondly, Reading comprehension tests
  • Thirdly, Verbal reasoning tests
  • Fourthly, Critical reasoning tests

Our Numerical Reasoning practice test book chapters

Passing Numerical Reasoning Tests PART I

  • Firstly, Getting started.
  • Secondly, Practice makes perfect.
  • Thirdly, Brush up your maths skills.
  • Fourthly, Succeed on test day.

PART II Passing Numerical Reasoning Tests

  • Firstly, Basic numerical reasoning tests.
  • Secondly, Numerical comprehension tests
  • Thirdly, Warm-up numerical reasoning tests
  • Fourthly, Numerical critical reasoning tests
  • Fifthly, Numerical data interpretation tests
  • Sixthly, Advanced numerical data interpretation

The best psychometric test practice 

  • Free practice LNAT critical verbal reasoning tests.
  • Aptitude test tips and aptitude test practice
  • SHL test practice

How to do well on verbal reasoning tests

These come in many different types of format. The traditional comprehension format is to have a short text passage followed by a series of questions about facts, opinions, conclusions from the passage content. A bit like those English tests in primary school where you answered questions on a novel extract. Regardless of the type of test, it’s vital to remember:

  • To carefully read each question. Often questions hinge on 1-2 keywords so you must take more care to interpret these accurately.
  • If questioned whether something “always” applies whilst the passage states that it is “sometimes” the case, then this is a false interpretation.
  • One useful strategy is to scan the passage initially, then to read it in more detail.
  • It’s more efficient as you answer each question if you can recall roughly where to find the answer in the passage.

Top Verbal Reasoning Test Tips

§   You need to be very careful when interpreting the meaning of complex words. Particularly when you are being asked to make a judgement on the basis of a shade of meaning.

§   Look out for any words that imply something definitive, such as “always”, “never”, “all”. Do not confuse these with similar words or phrases that do not imply the same strength, for exmaple “almost always, most of the time, invariably” and “often”.

§   These are a precursor to the wide range of formats covered in the subsequent LNAT practice testing section. You would be advised to complete all these practice sections!

Passing Verbal Reasoning Tests Book Summary

  • Everyone uses verbal reasoning skills in both written and spoken communication.
  • Verbal reasoning tests are a fair and objective way to assess large numbers of candidates. They are used because they predict future performance at work.
  • There are many different types of verbal reasoning test on the market, at varying levels of difficulty.
  • Best way to prepare for a verbal reasoning test is to practice with questions that mirror your actual test format.
  • If you don’t already know exactly what type of verbal reasoning test you will be taking, you should find out as your first step. That way you will know what type of questions you need to practice.
  • It may be the last thing you want to do after taking the actual test, but on your test day you should also reflect on what – if any – questions you struggled with. This will help you target improvement areas if you face another verbal reasoning test.
  • You won’t be asked to repeat back information exactly the same way as you read it in the passage. Understanding what is being asked is just one of the ways that your verbal reasoning is being assessed.

Example police aptitude test questions

Here are some police entry test sample quesitons from the USA:

Specifically, the math portion of the exam contains 20 questions, the reading comprehension section contains 25 questions, the language skills portion contains 20 questions, and the writing sample contains 10 questions. In order to score 75% on the entire exam, at least 57 questions must be answered correctly.

Therefore, given the limited time in which to answer questions, examinees should focus their time and attention on the questions that they find easier.

Spending too much time on one question can result in the examinee running out of time and not being able to answer other questions.

Q1 – Bail for Mr. Anders was set at £250,000. To be released, he must pay 10% of this in cash. How much must Mr. Anders pay?
£250 £2,500 £20,500 £25,000

Q2 – A car skidded 800cm before coming to a complete stop. The accident report must list the distance in metres only. Whats the distance?
.8m 8m 80m 800m

Q3 – An Amazon wearehouse loses 21 iPads valued at £10,500. What is their average value?

£105 £500 £550 £1055 £220,500

What are the Police entry verbal reasoning test formats?

Q4 – To reach a car accident from her police station, a police officer travel 3km down one Road, 4km after the next turning, then 14.5km on the motorway. Whats the distance to get to the accident and back?

police aptitude test practice

Different regional police services across the UK use different types of verbal reasoning test.

(type 1)

Police entry examinees may needc to read passages relating to police duty and will then answer questions based on these passages. All the information needed to answer the questions will be provided in the passage. The passages present potential rules and laws relating to police work.

(type 2)

True/false questions. The statement will be either accurate and true based on the passage or form, or the statement will be inaccurate and false according to the passage or form.

(type 3)

Choose the correct answer according to the information presented in the passage or on a sample report form.

(type 4)

Find alternative that best completes the sentence.

police aptitude test practice – police sample questions

(type 5)

  • Incomplete sentences are presented.
  • The examinee must choose the alternative that best completes the sentence.

(type 6)

Sentences with spelling errors are presented. Here, the examinee must choose the alternative that contains the misspelled

A police officer must have high regard for his own appearence because police officers are public figures.
Which word is spelt wrongly?
officer regard appearence figures none of the above

Officer Hill searched the suspect and found three ____ in the suspect’s backpack.

knife knifes knives

After arresting the suspect, Officer Carma _ the suspect for weapons and found a firearm in the suspect’s coat pocket.
search searched searches searching

School aptitude Test practice


School aptitude test practice for Maths:

GCSE Maths Practice Test Quiz

CAT4 Number Series. Computer code building an image

CAT4 Quantitative Test 1

11+ Maths Practice Test 1

Ten Minute Maths Test

11 Plus Maths Sample Test

School aptitude tests for English

SATs Grammar Practice

English writing skills. Womeon on laptop with dog.

How to improve your written English language skills

School aptitude tests for Verbal reasoning

11Plus Verbal Reasoning Test 2. Child showing hands full of writing.

11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Test 2

11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Test 1. Man with letters all around

Verbal Reasoning Test 1 for the 11 plus

11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Test. Candidates writing test in exam venue

11 Plus Verbal Quiz 3

CLOZE Verbal Reasoning Tests. Girl with glasses on her head resting her arms on a stack of books

CLOZE Verbal Reasoning 11 plus Test

British Airways Aptitude Test Design Example

The Army psychometric design project we led for KenexaIBM encompassed several psychometric test designs:

  • Situational judgment test design;
  • Numerical reasoning test design;
  • Verbal reasoning test design
  • Personality questionnaire design.
  • Aptitude test design

For these two British Airways roles:

– Cabin crew assessment; and

– Customer service representative assessment.

British Army Aptitude Test Design Example

Psychometric lead role with Kenexa IBM; managing twenty associates.

  • We developed over twenty psychometric tests;
  • Situational judgement tests for Officers and for Soldiers;
  • Realistic job previews for Officers and for soldiers;
  • Ability tests (including problem-solving test) for Officers;
  • Ability tests (including a spatial reasoning test) for soldiers;
  • Officer personality questionnaire;
  • Soldier career guidance tools.

Aptitude Tests’ Vital Role

Many companies today are turning to testing and assessment tools to help them address these challenges and make more substantive and data-driven hiring decisions. Assessments are a great way to level the playing field and evaluate many candidates for the same skill sets in an objective fashion, using real-life technical scenarios that mirror the work they will be performing on the job. Automated assessment tools in particular can scale to make better use of your time and resources. Several key recruitment benefits are listed below.

Differentiation Benefits

Providing unbiased assessments is a great way to distinguish yourself to candidates in a crowded hiring environment. Candidates will see that you really care about hiring the most qualified tech workers in a manner that is unbiased and uncovers their true value.

Recruitment Cost and Recruitment Funnel Benefits

Automated testing helps you scale your recruiting efforts, evaluating many candidates simultaneously to save engineering hours, and ultimately the cost of those used hours, time and costs, which is particularly important for larger tech organizations.

Hiring, training and replacing a bad hire can cost almost 5x their annual salary. Making the right choice the first time around is vital to growing your business and keeping costs low.

Removing bias

Assessment tools give you a structured mechanism to remove bias from the evaluation and interview process. And it mitigates the disadvantage a candidate whose first language is not English may have in a traditional format.

Focusing on skills, not experience

Experience listed in a profile isn’t necessarily the most important indicator of true skills and expertise.

Assessments help you find candidates that may not have a lot of experience in a certain field. But nonetheless have the skills you’re looking for.

Consistent process benefits

Assessment tools help you standardize your ongoing evaluation process. You’ll get an objective look at how candidates perform in the testing phase and can then compare it to their success on the job. A post-mortem can reveal how a good (or bad) hire performed in the assessment and help you to duplicate (or avoid) that performance in the future.

Rob Williams Assessment Ltd has considerable experience in assessing test reliability test validity. This is one of the key final stages in any psychometric test design. Most recently we have been asked to validate situational judgement tests. In addition to testing the SJT reliability and to advise on suitable cut-off scores which minimise any adverse impact (due to gender, age, ethnic group and disability).

Many of the UK’s and US’s leading test publishers have used Rob Williams Assessment’s to assist with ensuring the psychometric properties of their trial psychometric tests. We consult on how to improve any test’s psychometric properties, particularly the test’s internal reliability and construct validity.

Our verbal reasoning advice on YouTube

Verbal reasoning test test design is one of our key psychometric test design specialities.

We also specialise in other forms of psychometric test design, such as personality test design and situational judgement test design design.

Clerical Checking Tests Samples

  • This has been the most dreadful storm this millenium.  The torrantial rain is causing chaos.  Thousands of devestated families have had to evacuate their homes.
  • Your cycling proficiancy test will take place next month.  It is advisible to recap on your highway code in the time leading up to your test.  Remember, it is imperative to put safety first.
  • This is  a fire percaution.  The key is available from reception.  Always return the key straigth away as others may need it.
  • Statistical tables show the values of the cummulative distribution functions.  They also contain probability dencity functions of certain common distributions for different values of their parametres.
  • Volunteer conservationalists worked through the night in a desparate attempt to rectify the damage from the storm.  They specialies in rebuilding fences and moving debrie from pathways.

Clerical Checking Test Example Questions

  • Already his dedication to the promotion of our policies has made a significant impact in our local area.  Therefore please vote for him as our new president in the comittee elections next month.
  • The endurance test required competitors to tolerate extreme physical challenge.  One potental problem being that the weather forcast had predicted rain and strong winds.
  • The immaculate appartment was bursting with antiques, and various other treasures he had acumulated from his world-wide travels.  He claimed the most precious items were those with sentimental value.

verbal reasoning test tips

Why test verbal reasoning?

Many medium-sized and large companies now use verbal Reasoning Tests as part of their standard recruitment processes. A standardised verbal Reasoning Test gives everyone the same opportunity to demonst.

Useful Websites

Firstly, try test publisher websites. Visit the test publisher Website once you know the type of psychometric tests you will be taking. Since most test publisher Websites offer practice questions.

For example, practise sample questions from Kenexa-IBM TalentQ and SHL sites. Reputable test publishers will send you some sample questions for you to practice in advance.

Secondly, familiarise yourself with the test format. Read the instruction and introduction sections carefully for each psychometric test you will take. This should ensure you are familiar with the test format.

Verbal Reasoning Test Practice Tips. man in suit at computer, thinking.
Secondly, Passing Numerical Reasoning Tests book by Rob Williams

Aptitude test tips

Verbal Reasoning Assessment Practice

Although you may not finish the test, the best strategy is to answer as many questions as you can in the time available.

  • Firstly, before deciding upon your final answer. You may be able to rule out one or two of the multiple choice questions as incorrect.
  • Secondly, read each question and also review each chart very carefully.
  • Each question is worth the same so don’t spend too long on a single question. So, remember that you may find subsequent questions easier to answer. If there is time at the end of the test you can return to any unfinished questions.
  • Work efficiently, but do not rush.
  • Remember that you are not expected to finish the verbal reasoning test.
  • In fact we recommend that your best strategy is to answer as many questions as you can in the time available.
  • Remember to only use the information that is provided.
  • Do not use any of your own background knowledge.

You can practise the most common verbal test types at the main test publisher websites. Practise sample questions from Kenexa-IBM, TalentQ and SHL as these sites cover most of the tests you are likely to find.

verbal reasoning test tips

Our Practice Aptitude Test Books

  • Passing Verbal Reasoning practice test book. This is regularly featured in Amazon’s top ten study guide.
  • Plus, our Numeracy Test Practice book, which reached Number One when the publisher Pearson offered it for free (throughout the UK’s first 2020 lockdown) .  

An excellent guide to verbal reasoning tests.

This book is an extremely well written and helpful guide for anyone needing guidance in how to perform well in verbal reasoning tests. There are plenty of examples of the different levels of tests.Clear explanations of the correct responses are given. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is facing taking verbal reasoning tests in pursuit of a new job or promotion.

Found the layout of the book easy to follow. It has made the tests more accessible to me and will hopefully help me in my job search.

A Must Have for Verbal Reasoning Tests

Definitely one of the best books on verbal reasoning! Clearly outlines how to tackle each passage and makes you very aware of things that are designed to catch other people out such as Key Words. Pick this book up if you are taking a Verbal Reasoning Test.

5.0 out of 5 stars Very good. Great for both grads and experienced hires applying to large firms.

I was told that I needed to get good results in verbal and numerical reasoning for an upcoming job, but I felt very nervous about it. This book carefully explains why the tests are used and how to do your best. It was exactly what I was looking for. I didn’t want to waste $40 on those silly Test Monkey type websites, so I was happy with this book for US$10.
It would be great if he could produce a book that contains only practice tests for the True, False, Cannot Say tests since those are the common ones.

aptitude test tips

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