Welcome to Rob Williams Assessment’s 2023 Pre-tests guide and Common Entrance practice.

Pre-tests guide and Common Entrance practice

  • 7+ Pre-tests practice papers.
  • 8+ Pre-tests practice papers.
  • 9+ pre-tests practice papers.

ISEB’s pretests are now one of the most popular prep school entry tests.

If these ISEB PRETEST past papers are not in fact you need, then you can try searching all of our extensive School Entrance exam practice tests here.

Which prep school entry uses ISEB’s pre-tests?

You can search using this link for those senior schools using the ISEB Common Pretest.

ISEB Pre-Tests Guides for Parents

Click these ISEB links for:

…searching your local schools which use the  ISEB Common Pretest.

…downloading this excellent ISEB introductory guide  ISEB Pre Tests Parents Guide

See below for ISEB’s own 2022 Common pre-tests guidance.

Prep School Exams 7+ 8+ 9+

Our Prep School Entrance advice for parents is to believe that your children can do it. Secondly, to manage their expectations openly.

All ages, premium, practice exams

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FurtherPrep school practice papers

Prep School Exam Papers 7+ 8+ 9+

  • English Exam Papers 7+ 8+ 9+  and Maths Exam Papers 7+  8+ 9+
  • English Exams 10+ and Prep School Maths Exams 10+
  • Independent School Entrance English Exams 12+ and  Maths Exams 12+
  • Private School Entrance English Exams 13+ and  Maths Exams 13+
  • Independent School Entrance English Exams 14+ and  Maths Exams 14+

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Prep School Past Papers English 7+ 8+ 9+

7+ English – Story writing (Haberdashers’ Aske’s).


(Haberdashers’ Aske’s).

Grammar (Haberdashers’ Aske’s).
 English – Group A (King’s College School Wimbledon 2013).
7+ English – Story writing (Haberdashers’ Aske’s).
English (King’s College School Wimbledon).
7+ English (Latymer).
8+ English Sample Questions (Dulwich College).
English (King’s College School Wimbledon 2013).

9+ English Sample Paper 1 (Alleyn’s Junior School) and Sample Paper 2 (Alleyn’s Junior School).

9+English – Reading Group C (King’s College School Wimbledon 2015).
English – Writing Group C (King’s College School Wimbledon 2015).
Writing (King’s College School Wimbledon 2015).

Prep School Past Papers Maths 7+ 8+ 9+


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