Welcome to our introductory, What is the ISEE test? and how to ace 2023’s ISEE.

Passing ISEE independent school entry exam

Scoring well in this test is a prerequisite for your child to get into the top private school of your choice. It is specifically designed for the admission of students to private schools.

The ISEE tests the child across a wide range of abilities, including verbal skills, quantitative reasoning, mathematical, reading, and writing skills.

One of the most common reasons behind falling short on this test is the anxiety. Hence the need for practice.

Our ISEE Practice Test Tips

Our ISEE practice tests, which are available at two levels:

Middle level ISEE practice tests

and Upper level ISEE practice test.

Or if our ISEE test practice is unsuitable then you will find our extensive School Entrance exam practice tests here.

How to ace 2023’s ISEE test?

Certain tips and tricks are useful in ensuring a student passes 2023’s ISEE independent school entry exam:

  • Firstly, giving yourself enough time to test multiple times is one of the most important things to keep in mind.
  • Secondly, practising consistently is very important. Try the ERB’s own study platform, since this allows ISEE students to take weekly practice tests. In the same format as the actual ISEE, which is obviously best for getting familiar with the ISEE format(s).

Also there are specialized classes offered to students to educate them about the key strategies to pass each sections of the test. In Schiool Entrance Tests‘ opinion, these relatively small classes, every student gets an equal degree of attention.

Try learning how to pass using ISEE video courses

Alternatively, there are definitive video courses that are built to assist students in learning different ISEE test-taking strategies and skills.

These video courses usually consist of different instructions videos that are created in a class-like environment so that the users do not feel left out.

There are multiple small lessons too (2-3 mins long). Each of which covers specific strategies for all sections of the test.

So, where is the 2023 ISEE used?

The Independent School Entrance Examination, is used by several private schools in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

If someone is intending to attend private school in UAE, then this kind of examination will be required.

Our ISEE Test Taking Tips

Students from 5th to 9th grade can appear for this test but the level of tests will be different depending on the grades they are appearing for.

The 9th grade admission tests are the toughest ones.

ISEE questions are classified into five different sections as below:

ISEE Verbal reasoning section

The verbal section of ISEE measures the logical reasoning and vocabulary of the students with the help of sentence completions and synonym questions.

ISEE Quantitative/ Numeric reasoning section

It includes questions of numbers and operations, geometry, algebra, measurement, probability, data analysis and problem-solving, word problems. It evaluates the thinking ability and the mathematical understanding of the student.

ISEE Reading Comprehension section

It presents a series of passages in the question paper followed by number of questions. Students need to provide summary of main idea of the passage, examine supporting ideas and claims, drawing proper inferences, define vocabulary along with identifying structural patterns and elements within the text.

ISEE Math Achievement section

The ISEE math achievement focuses on the evaluation of the student’s understanding and capabilities in performing required calculations and determining mathematical terminology. It also considers all mathematical domains as the quantitative reasoning section.

ISEE Essay section

  • The ISEE Essay section provides ISEE students with an excellent opportunity to showcase their creative skills and writing styles.

There is no specific format in which the test is to be conducted. The ISEE is usually taken in an
online format and can be taken in a paper format as well. The online format is available for all
ISEE tests in different levels; however, the paper format is open to only upper, middle and lower
grade students. The primary ISEE test is usually taken in paper format only as there is a
restriction as per testing location most of the time. All the test locations might not be equipped
with the latest technologies. The exams do not change no matter what format the tests are being taken in.

Furthermore, the time limit provided to each student is also the same. The only
noticeable difference is the testing format between the two types.

On the other hand, the students appearing for the ISEE paper test will find a similar kind of
question and a similar time limit compared to the online format. The questions will be provided
in a booklet. The answers are to be marked on the answer sheet separate from the question paper.

Classification of ISEE

  • The ISEE is classified into four levels, Primary level, which is for the students applying for standards 2,3, or 4.
  • The mode of the test is online only. ISEE Lower level is for candidates applying for
    standard 5 or 6.
  • The ISSE Middle Level includes an option of an online and paper test for candidates applying for 7 or 8 grades.
  • Students seeking admissions in grades 9, 10, 11, or 12 appear for ISEE Upper Level, and they also have the option to choose the computer or the paper test.
  • The Primary Level of ISEE evaluates candidates as per their reading, writing, and mathematical abilities.
  • There are three testing windows in a year available for the candidates applying for the ISEE.
  • The initial testing window starts in August each year and ends in November. The second testing window begins as per the school year, that runs from December to March.
  • Third and the last testing window starts in April and closes in July. A student may take the test once in an entire window and can retake the test one time in each of the three test windows.

What are the five ISEE test sections?

ISEE questions are classified into five different sections as below:

SECTION 1 of the ISEE: Verbal reasoning questions

The verbal section of ISEE measures the logical reasoning and vocabulary of the students with
the help of sentence completions and synonym questions.

SECTION 2 of the ISEE: Quantitative/ Numeric reasoning questions

This includes questions on:

  • numbers and operations, geometry, algebra, measurement and probability.
  • data analysis and problem-solving, word problems.
  • the mathematical thinking ability of the student.

What does the ISEE Reading Comprehension involve?

Students are firstly required to provide solutions to the questions by reading and analyzing the given passage(s). more specifically, to@

  • summarize thef main idea of the passage,
  • examine supporting ideas and claims,
  • draw inferences,
  • define vocabulary
  • identify structural patterns.

ISEE Math Achievement paper

The ISEE math achievement focuses on the evaluation on a Maths student’s:

  • understanding of MAths calculations
  • determining mathematical terminology
  • quantitative reasoning section.

What does the ISEE Essay involve?

  • In this last section of the question paper, a random essay topic is given.
  • 30 minutes is given to the candidate to organize or collect their thoughts and write them accordingly. It describes his/her writing skills.
  • The same essay is passed on to the private schools along with the scores.

What are the ISEE registration costs?

Giing the ISEE exam to a large group, costs around $125- $150.

Whereas for a small group, the ISEE aadminstration fee is $195- $220.

Typical ISEE Questions

The test is based on verbal reasoning, comprehension, quantitative reasoning, mathematical knowledge, etc. These kinds of topics appear in all levels of tests.

What is the Secondary School Admissions Test?

There is a similar test called SSAT (Secondary School Admissions Test) like ISEE which is used
in several private schools to measure the eligibility of the applicants for admissions. Both ISEE
& SSAT examines grade of 3 to 12. However, ISEE includes exams for Grade 2 as well. Some
schools only accept the scores gained in ISEE, some accept the scores of SSAT. Few private
schools allow the students to choose the test as per their preference.

What are the key differences between indepdent school entry exams ISEE & SSAT?

ISEE & SSAT are quite similar to each other regarding the system, content, and structure. Both
the examinations are classified in elementary, middle, and upper grades and focus on reading,
writing, mathematics, and verbal skills.

However, the examination questions are different from one another:

  • SSAT includes questions related to analogy
  • whereas ISEE includes questions on quantitative reasoning and synonyms.
  • SSAT question paper contains fictional and non-fictional passages, it carries poetries while the ISEE only uses non-fictional passages. 
  • The scoring pattern of both the exams differs from each other. SSAT contains negative marking with a quarter of a point deducted for each incorrect answer.
  • whereas, in ISEE there is no penalty or negative marking.
  • ISEE keeps the score of mathematics separately in lower, middle, and upper levels.
  • In SSAT there is no separate score structure, and it combines and forms a single score.
  • It displays that ISEE concentrates more on the mathematic scores, and SSAT focuses more on verbal skills.

There are very minor differences between the different level tests. The comprehension reading part lasts for no more than 25 minutes, followed by the mathematics section, which lasts for 30 minutes. Along with two to three other sections, the total duration is 2 hours 50 minutes.

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