Welcome to our guide on how to improve your child’s UKiSET score.

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Why are these THE BEST UKiSET practice tests?

These are the THE BEST PRACTICE for UKiSET independent school entrance exams for several reasons.

  • These UKiSET test preparation materials are the closest replica versions of the actual UKiSET exams.
  • In other words, cover all UKiSET subjects. Plus, these Exam Papers Plus UKiSET practice tests are READY FOR DOWNLOAD immediately after purchase.
  • this UKiSET test practice offers unlimited UKiSET test practice access for two years.

How to use our UKiSET practice tests to pass

  1. Conducting UKiSET private school entry exam revision using your own specimen UKiSET set.
  2. So, we suggest that UKiSET parents and UKiSET tutors start by downloading and printing out specimen papers.
  3. Then sift through the individual UKiSET past papers. Put the whole seven + exam bundle in to approximate order of increasing difficulty.
  4. This way allows whomever is supervising the child’s UKiSET revision sessions to select a challenging paper each time.
  5. The paper needs to be set at your child’s current UKiSET ability level. So neither too easy. Nor too challenging.

What is the UKiSET and how is it used for independent school admissions?

  • The UKiSET is designed for international students applying to UK independent schools.
  • Each UKiSET exam an international student takes will assess their academic abilities, language proficiency, and cognitive skills.

What is the UKiSET?

The UKiSET consists of three sections; verbal reasoning subtest; numerical reasoning subtest and abstract reasoning sub-test.

  • UKiSET Verbal Reasoning or UKiSET English proficiency (Language questions and problem-solving with words);
  • Non-Verbal Reasoning UKiSET (Solving problems using shapes, pictures and logic); and
  • UKiSET Mathematical Reasoning (Looking at number, value, quantity and sequence concepts).

What does the UKiSET test?

THE UKiSET assessments are divided into three main age categories: Junior UKiSET, Middle UKiSET , and Senior UKiSET. Each of these UKiSET age categories adopt a specific test format and set of skills being tested:

  • The Junior UKiSET test is for ages around 9-11.
  • Middle UKiSET test for around 11-13 years.
  • The Senior UKiSET test is for applicant pupils aged between 15-17 years of age.

Which U.K. private schools use the UKiSET?

  • Is currently used by approximately 180 independent British private schools. Some of the top UK private schools use the UKISET, including:
  • Eton College;
  • Felsted School;
  • Framlingham College;
  • Glenalmond College;
  • Harrogate Ladies’ College;
  • Leighton Park School;
  • Loughborough Grammar School;
  • Marlborough College;
  • and Oakham School.

UKiset exam practice

How is the UKISET used by private schools?

In Year 9 children would usually be 13. Therefore you should look at exam papers for 12+, 13+ and 14+ as per this page on our website.

12+ Exams to 14 Plus Exams

The test papers to look at would however depend on which school you are wishing to apply for. Different schools use different combinations of entry exams, usually GL or CEM.

Another question would be what kind of school you are wishing to join.

You would have a choice between

  1. State schools (no entrance exams and regulated by Ofsted, so different rankings)
  2. Private Schools (school entrance exams and regulated by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) and can be pricey)
  3. Grammar Schools (state secondary schools that select their pupils by means of an examination).

Further FREE UKiSET test practice