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How to Acquire career Skills Without Going Back to School

There have been certain scenarios recently where news of the unstable economy has come to attention. Furthermore, some rapid recession events have also come to light, proving that there is literally no place for the under skilled. It has led to many job changes in a short time, and employees are always looking forward to new areas where they can upskill themselves. Furthermore, there have been rapid technological changes, including automation and digitization.

world Economic Forum

The world economic forum has been projecting that more than 50% of jobs will be required to be updated with more upskilling requirements, which means that there will be a need for more skilled workers. By 2027, knowledge and new skills will be the cornerstone for salary hikes, promotions, and all other job-associated perks. Therefore, it can be said that it is quite critical to upskill yourself to ensure that you will be open to adapting to any new dynamic needs of the business. 

There are many ways to ensure that you’re growing your knowledge and upskilling yourself with the changing times. Among them, the top five are discussed here that will allow individuals to not only enhance their skills but also use their knowledge in the practical fields.

Many career-changing opportunities will come along the way if an individual is certified with a baseline understanding and partially knows the task. Certifications ensure that you’re the right person for the job; with a certification, people will automatically assume you can take on that task. For example, a degree from any project management institute will automatically paint a picture of you as someone aware of operations and management. Certain institutions are recognized globally, and certifications from these schools will improve your chances of getting a job. Certain product schools also provide product management courses; upon completion of these courses, you will be rewarded with certification.


Certifications are always a way of upskilling yourself in comparison to the world’s changing needs. Alongside product management, one can also get involved in HR management and understand how the world of human resources functions.

There are dozens of certifications per the job roles, and doing well in any one will ensure a better career opportunity. One can get involved in inbound marketing and leadership as well. On the other hand, it is also to be mentioned that having certifications ensure that individuals have capabilities and knowledge, which can help them to easily transition from career to another.

Online learning courses

Alongside college and institute degrees, online degrees are offered after completing a course or a class. Those busy in their office life and cannot attend offline classes can opt for online degrees that are equally beneficial to their growth. For example, online classes on functional leadership will ensure that you are learning something that will take you to the next level.

Alongside that, there are websites and applications such as Coursera, Open Culture, edX, etc., that enrol students from all around the world and offer them classes per their requirements. Getting a certification from one of these online classes is also quite beneficial to the growth of an individual.

Rotations and Volunteering

For individuals with a full-time job, there can be times when a boss would allow a rotational shift when you will devote time to an organization. For example, when one of the employees wants to enrol in a night MBA school, it would be quite appreciative of that person reaching towards their goals in life, and their superiors would always support it.

Even though no formal request is required most of the time, word of mouth from the boss ending up allowing the individual some well-deserved study time will not be too bad.


In the case of internships, people can register for a class at the local community college. It will support to qualify many internships and can also help in providing valuable knowledge in their preferable fields.

On the other hand, adopting volunteering approach can help individuals to build their skills and capacities. In that connection, it is to be pointed out that you can seek opportunity from family friend or small business that can help to gain real world experience.

Stretch Assignments

If the company has a decent bandwidth, they can ask for more work from another department. It will ensure that you, as the person performing the tasks, are bringing value to the team and also enhance the ray of the positive spotlight on yourself.

Even if a project is quite visible, at least one person will be achieving the required goal. Furthermore, the stretch assignments should not interfere with the daily deliverables and tasks.


It is always important to understand the large objective of the assignments. If the mentor is a senior leader in a company, then they will always have more knowledge about the company’s growth trajectory.

They will also be aware of any capabilities needed for the company to meet its goals and objectives.

Following the manager’s footsteps and understanding their growth trajectory will be crucial for growth.


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