NHS values match


Welcome to our NHS Values Match – our well-received values design.

Those key workers working in the healthcare and social care sectors were at the forefront of the pandemic response, which is why we developed this healthcare values match tool.

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Thanks to all care workers (from both sectors)

There was nationwide thanks for their devotion to public service; and thanks for all the patient care shown. Not least for saving many of those who were critically ill, including the Prime Minister.

The difference between healthcare and social care might be slight, but significant. We can see healthcare as the care provided while someone is unwell, like nursing etc. However social care refers to assistance with daily life.

Our NHS Values Match

Values of patient commitment, hard work and emotional resilience are also important for these professions. Hence we’ve designed a simple tool to help you to assess your values fit (with the common working values across these two sectors).

Of course, as the short feedback, you receive at the end of the questions may show – if you have a significantly different set of personal values then you’re less likely to find personal fulfilment working in either of these sectors.

Please contact us (E: rrussellwilliams@hotmail.co.uk M:077915 06395) if you would like to develop a more in-depth version. For example, one suitable for recruitment purposes.

There is a fee of GBP 2.99 to access this quiz.