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2024 A-levels guide

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How to use UCAS

Ucas Clearing serves as a secondary application phase for students. This process is particularly beneficial for individuals who didn’t secure their initial preferred placement. Simultaneously, universities seize the opportunity to fill any remaining vacancies in their courses.

  • Ofqual, the regulatory body responsible for overseeing exams in England, has announced its intention to enforce more stringent grade boundaries this year. This decision comes in response to the fact that in 2021, 45 percent of all A-level grades awarded were either an A or an A*, a notable increase from the 33 percent recorded in 2019.
  • If your achieved grades fall slightly short of the requirements for your desired university or college, there’s no need for excessive concern. Various alternative pathways remain available to you. Many institutions might still consider admitting you if your grades are only marginally below their stipulated criteria.
  • Furthermore, Ucas Clearing presents itself as an option, enabling you to explore alternative courses at different educational establishments. Virtually all universities participate in Clearing, with the exception of Oxford and Cambridge, ensuring a broad spectrum of choices for you to consider.
  • To access Ucas Track, you will require your unique personal ID and the password you used during your application process. Ucas advises refraining from contacting them or the university if your offer status hasn’t transitioned to “unconditional” on Ucas Track. Instead, it is suggested that you wait until you’ve received your grades.

Independent 6th Forms costs

This table lists the Top Private Sixth Form Colleges in the UK based on 2018 A-Level results. Rankings are based on the percentage of A Level entries awarded A* and A grades.

Top independent Sixth Form Colleges

Private 6th Form costs

A + A* %NameDay/BoardBoy/GirlDay £Board £
188.68Cardiff Sixth Form CollegeBothCo-ed16,60042,750
283.54Oxford International CollegeBothCo-ed21,00042,000
381.43Concord CollegeBothCo-ed14,28039,900
458.33Hurtwood HouseBothCo-ed28,95043,428
554.17Bellerbys College CambridgeBothCo-ed27,06038,940
653.71Abbey College CambridgeBothCo-ed29,000
753.37d’Overbroeck’s OxfordBothCo-ed23,85038,700
849.61Ashbourne Independent Sixth Form CollegeDayCo-ed26,250
947.21Cambridge Tutors CollegeBothCo-ed15,90039,990
1047.10Brampton CollegeDayCo-ed19,935
1144.09CATS College CanterburyBothCo-ed24,99039,480
1242.55Bosworth Independent CollegeBothCo-ed12,60030,300
1341.24Albemarle Independent CollegeDayCo-ed21,000
1439.29CATS College CambridgeBothCo-ed24,99044,775
1536.81Welbeck – The Defence Sixth Form CollegeBoardingCo-ed
1634.29Mander Portman Woodward – LondonDayCo-ed30,678
1732.94Mander Portman Woodward – CambridgeDayCo-ed28,305
1832.63Mander Portman Woodward – BirminghamDayCo-ed19,980
1931.01Bellerbys College BrightonBothCo-ed27,06043,704
2030.53Abbey College ManchesterBothCo-ed12,750
2130.50Chelsea Independent CollegeBothCo-ed24,00048,000
2229.75Cambridge Centre For Sixth Form StudiesBothCo-ed21,00048,000
2328.65Rochester Independent CollegeBothCo-ed18,00036,900
2426.26Oxford Sixth Form College (formerly Oxford Tutorial College)BothCo-ed24,45039,825
2526.14Bath AcademyBothCo-ed16,89536,500
2624.86CATS College LondonBothCo-ed24,99049,980
2724.83DLD College LondonBothCo-ed23,00050,500
2920.93Ealing Independent CollegeDayCo-ed16,050
3020.46Fine Arts College HampsteadDayCo-ed21,690
Top private sixth form costs

School Entrance Tests

At School Entrance Tests we aim to provide useful best school guides and to take the anxiety out of school entrance tests for students and parents:

  • Providing a vast collection of free private and grammar school entrance exams and educational resources.
  • Creating fun and effective 10-minute tests in the form of quizzes.
  • Providing children with practice exam questions within time restraints. At the same time, they can review the feedback to their answers. This gives children more personal responsibility for their own learning. 

We understand how stressful entrance exams can be and therefore want to level the playing field for those who can’t afford tutors / private education.

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