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Welcome to our ISEE practice tests, which are available at two levels:

Middle level ISEE practice tests

and Upper level ISEE practice test.

Or if our ISEE test practice is unsuitable then you will find our extensive School Entrance exam practice tests here.

Our ISEE introduction

The Independent School Entrance Examination, is specifically designed for the admission of students to private schools.

If someone is intending to attend private school in UAE, then this kind of examination will be required.

One of the most common reasons behind falling short for this test is the anxiety. However, the more ISEE students practice on the online ISSE test portals, the better they will be d

Our ISEE Practice Test Tips

Students from 5th to 9th grade can appear for this test but the level of tests will be different depending on the grades they are appearing for.

The 9th grade admission tests are the toughest ones.

ISEE questions are classified into five different sections as below:

ISEE Verbal reasoning section

The verbal section of ISEE measures the logical reasoning and vocabulary of the students with the help of sentence completions and synonym questions.

ISEE Quantitative/ Numeric reasoning section

It includes questions of numbers and operations, geometry, algebra, measurement, probability, data analysis and problem-solving, word problems. It evaluates the thinking ability and the mathematical understanding of the student.

ISEE Reading Comprehension section

It presents a series of passages in the question paper followed by number of questions. Students need to provide summary of main idea of the passage, examine supporting ideas and claims, drawing proper inferences, define vocabulary along with identifying structural patterns and elements within the text.

ISEE Math Achievement section

The ISEE math achievement focuses on the evaluation of the student’s understanding and capabilities in performing required calculations and determining mathematical terminology. It also considers all mathematical domains as the quantitative reasoning section.

ISEE Essay section

The ISEE Essay section provides ISEE students with an excellent opportunity to showcase their creative skills and writing styles.

ISEE Test Prep Guide

For this school entrance tests practice we recommend using the following ISEE practice test portals online:

Middle level ISEE practice tests; and

Upper level ISEE practice test.

Typical ISEE Questions

The test is based on verbal reasoning, comprehension, quantitative reasoning, mathematical knowledge, etc. These kinds of topics appear in all levels of tests.

There are very minor differences between the different level tests. The comprehension reading part lasts for no more than 25 minutes, followed by the mathematics section, which lasts for 30 minutes. Along with two to three other sections, the total duration is 2 hours 50 minutes.

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